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Sometimes the safest path forward is to leave the status quo behind.

True Transparency
True Transparency


When visibility matters, the choice is Clear.

The word transparency is often used by PBMs today, but true transparency is more than making small changes in response to new regulations or public demand. True transparency is allowing clients and members to fully understand their costs in a simple, straightforward way. WellDyne Clear takes a different approach to deliver:

  • Simple Pricing.  Clients pay exactly what we pay, plus a published fee.
  • Better Outcomes.  We work to ensure lower costs and improve outcomes.
  • Guaranteed Value.  We will control pharmacy costs – guaranteed.
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Specialty Pharmacy
Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty Pharmacy

If you’re not successfully managing complex patients, you’re not managing your pharmacy trend.

Specialty patients and those with chronic conditions require special handling and support. With our WellManaged programs, WellDyne takes a Centers of Excellence approach to every clinical condition that drives your pharmacy trend. Following national standards of care, we promote first-line therapies, educate patients about their disease and medication, offer 1:1 counseling sessions and coach patients on side-effect management and adherence. Visit the WellDyne Specialty Pharmacy website.


  • Oncology
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Crohn's Disease


  • Diabetes
  • COPD
  • Respiratory
  • Opioids

Nationally, $1 out of every $4 spent on healthcare is wasted or misspent. Annually, that adds up to about

High Adherence Rates

Drugs only work for patients who take them, refill them on time and commit to therapy.

Helping patients achieve exceptional medication adherence requires a targeted approach using high-touch and high-tech.

Overall medication adherence level for 2020.

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We educate patients about their dosing schedule and help them anticipate and mitigate side-effects.

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We provide coaching on the keys to good adherence – developing a consistent medication-taking habit.

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We make adherence fast and easy. We text refill reminders and offer one-click refills and medication reminders in our member portal.

Text Open Rates Email 25 82 People Prefer Texts

82% of text messages are read within 5 minutes, but consumers only open 1 in 4 emails.

Patient Engagement with Texting
Patient Engagement with Texting

Patient Engagement with Texting

WellConnect turns text messages into positive actions.

Our specialty and complex care patients get timely support via text messages – the communication method most people prefer today. Texts arrive when patients have an opportunity to save money or make a better quality healthcare decision. Health tips, disease education, prior auth updates and care reminders are fully integrated into their personalized message feed.

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Tiered Client Support
Tiered Client Support

Client Experience

Multiple levels of client support for fast, easy access to the right people.

Our team is here to ensure your pharmacy benefits are the easiest part of your day. Your Account Executive leads your team and is at your side for strategy discussions, making sure your plan is prepared for the road ahead. Clinical, trend and plan design questions go to your Clinical Account Manager, and day-to-day issues and coverage questions get prompt attention from your Account Coordinator.

Change starts now.

Let’s work together to make benefits better. Ready to learn more? Contact our team to start the conversation.

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