Wellness and Diabetes Prevention Program

Are you interested in losing weight, preventing type 2 diabetes and improving your overall health? This virtual wellness program is for you! It features a certified lifestyle coach who will be at your side throughout the program to teach you how to make lasting lifestyle changes.

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About the program

  • One-year virtual program with group coaching led by a certified lifestyle coach
  • Designed to help participants improve their lifestyle by encouraging healthy eating habits and physical activity to accomplish goals
  • Participants receive a Bluetooth scale and blood pressure cuff to track success

Program requirements

This one-year, virtual program includes 26 sessions held as either live group classes or prerecorded sessions. A course calendar with session dates and times will be provided upon enrollment. View a sample session schedule and refer to the WebEx training guide for details about virtual sessions.

  • Attend 75% of the sessions to successfully complete the program
  • Prior to each session, submit weight, active minutes and blood pressure to help track success throughout the year
  • A computer, phone or other device that allows access to WebEx is required to join live sessions -- reference our WebEx guide for additional information

Who can participate

  • Members diagnosed or at risk for prediabetes
  • Anyone looking to make lifestyle changes
  • Must be 18 years or older and not currently pregnant

Are you at risk for becoming diabetic? Take the prediabetes risk assessment to find out.

Real progress by real people

Celebrate the success of previous program participants. Our participants typically lose 5-7% of their weight in six months, decrease their blood pressure and cholesterol, and prevent or delay type 2 diabetes. Join us to become more energetic and self confident while improving your health and wellness!

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ACTIVITY: Participants spend an average of 175 minutes per week being active

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WEIGHT LOSS: Average weight loss of 21.8 lbs (10.4% of initial body weight)

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HEALTH: Participants reduced A1c levels and 15% were no longer prediabetic

Meet your lifestyle coach, Dr. Jennifer Banks

Meet Dr. Jennifer Banks, PharmD, BCPS, BCACP, BCGP, BC-ADM, CDE©, CDP, CPh, AE-C®. Jennifer is clinical pharmacist and manager of our WellManaged Programs, and leads the "Prevent T2" component of our Wellness and Diabetes Prevention Program. She has been with WellDyne for almost seven years, initially at a Wellness Center helping patients with diabetes, hypertension and elevated cholesterol levels manage their conditions through medication optimization and positive lifestyle changes. Jennifer currently holds four nationally recognized board certifications in pharmacotherapy, geriatrics, ambulatory care and advanced diabetes management as well as additional credentials of certified diabetes care and education specialist, certified asthma educator, certified dementia practitioner and certified lifestyle coach.

Dr. Jennifer Banks