April 30th, 2021

WellDyne Shares Insights Into Pharmacist-led Collaborative Care

WellDyne clinical leaders shared their expertise at the 2021 Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) Annual Meeting Virtual Poster Session, in a presentation focused on optimizing the dosing of adalimumab. The session, “Pharmacist-led Interventions Help Optimize Dosing for Adalimumab and Reduce Drug Costs” was led by Patty Taddei-Allen, VP, Clinical Programs and Services; Marlette Oelofsen, Director, Specialty Clinical Programs; and Nick Page, Chief Clinical and Strategy Officer.

The poster session illustrated results of a WellDyne clinical pathway protocol to assess dose escalations for weekly adalimumab before dispensing. In addition to clinical effectiveness which benefits the patient, the protocol resulted in cost avoidance across adalimumab patients per year of $5,200.

“Collaboration between pharmacists, providers and patients, with appropriate testing, impacts the proportion of patients on weekly dosing,” says Patty Taddei-Allen. “We identify instances in which increasing the dose would result in waste of healthcare dollars and also delay the patient from being placed on medication to better treat their disease state.” This multidisciplinary approach to managing complex disease states helps ensure that patients obtain clinical outcomes that improve their quality of life, Patty adds.

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