April 1st, 2022

WellDyne Expertise on Display at AMCP

WellDyne clinical leaders shared their expertise at the AMCP 2022 Annual Meeting, in a poster presentation focused on targeted interventions that result in higher adherence and better outcomes for diabetes patients.

Pharmacist-led Interventions Result in Higher Metformin Use in Patients with Diabetes

Authors: Patty Taddei-Allen, VP, Clinical Programs and Services; Jennifer Banks, WellManaged Programs Manager; Leonard DeLeon, Clinical Pharmacist; Nick Page, Chief Clinical Officer

Diabetes is a complex and costly chronic condition. Getting on the right therapy to control blood sugar can be complicated. The poster examines the impact of a collaborative care model on patient outcomes. When pharmacists work with patients, medication adherence to metformin—the preferred initial first-line agent—improves.

“Collaboration between pharmacists, providers and patients increases the number of patients that start and remain adherent to metformin,” says Patty Taddei-Allen. “We work with patients to mitigate side effects and build up to the optimal dose.” Read the poster to learn how pharmacist-led interventions result in better cost and care for plans and patients.

Read the Poster