June 8th, 2021

Join Our Webinar, Pharmacy Under the Medical Benefit

Do you have full visibility into all your benefit plan’s specialty pharmacy costs? Most plan sponsors are missing significant savings due to pharmacy costs that are hidden in the medical benefit with little oversight. The result? Incorrect codes, duplicate billing, limited utilization management controls and reliance on high-cost sites of care.

Plan sponsors who cannot see the full picture have blind spots that can drive up plan costs. In our webinar, WellDyne leaders focus on solutions that uncover the full view of specialty costs under both the pharmacy and medical benefit plans, addressing biosimilars, site of care, duplicate billing issues and an overarching approach that uncovers missed opportunities to reduce specialty pharmacy costs.

Pharmacy Under the Medical Benefit: Uncover the Full Picture
Presented by Brian Laird, President, Pharmacy Solutions and Nick Page, Chief Clinical and Strategy Officer
Tuesday, June 22, 2-3:00pm ET
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As a house divided, efforts to manage specialty pharmacy without a view of medical data are likely unstructured, uncoordinated and wasteful. Register for our webinar to learn more.

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