Our Trend Report

Our 2020 trend report highlights our successes in managing pharmacy spend on behalf of our clients. Download a PDF copy today for a full review of trend drivers, including a Future Trends section that details emerging technology, treatment innovations and pipeline drugs in the late stages – all projected to impact pharmacy costs in the coming years.

5.5% Specialty Trend

For the second consecutive year, WellDyne delivered industry-leading specialty trend results. Our 5.5% specialty trend for 2019 is a slight improvement over our 5.7% result in 2018.


lower PMPY with exclusion-based formulary

Clients on our Clinical Focus formulary, with targeted exclusions in therapeutic areas along with innovative Indication-Based Formularies for select specialty categories, experienced a 6% lower PMPY than clients on our open formulary.


lower PMPM with WellManaged Generics

Rather than listing all generics as first line, our WellManaged Generics program innovates on the principles of step therapy. Clients who implemented this program experienced an 11% lower PMPM in targeted generics than those who did not.


lower diabetes trend in WellManaged Diabetes Program

Diabetes was the number two trend driver across our book of business. The cost mitigation elements of our WellManaged Diabetes program helped clients achieve a 3.5% lower diabetes trend than clients without the program.

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