February 11th, 2020

Better Begins Today: Driving meaningful change in the PBM industry

LAKELAND, FL, February 11, 2020 – WellDyne is excited to announce its new brand identity – marking an important step in its evolution as one of the fastest-growing pharmacy benefit managers (PBM). Its updated brand reflects the company’s unwillingness to accept the status quo in pharmacy benefits, choosing instead to address the biggest challenges facing healthcare payers today.

Pharmacy benefits are complicated, the regulatory landscape is constantly changing and waste is consuming dollars that should be spent on improving care. “New ideas and better approaches are needed to reduce complexity in healthcare,” according to Jeff Park, Chairman and CEO. “It’s time for change. At WellDyne, we are positioned to drive meaningful change with bold thinking and flawless execution,” he adds.

With specialty pharmacy among the fastest growing costs in healthcare, the need to engage the 2% of patients driving more than half of pharmacy costs has never been greater. In an industry that focuses on rebates rather than outcomes, WellDyne’s success is fueled by a new paradigm. The company leverages technology to educate patients on lower-cost medication options while providing support for increased adherence. “We are finding ways to challenge the status quo and remove obstacles to better outcomes as we help clients prepare for the future,” adds Jeff.

While the company’s updated brand includes a new logo and shortened name to WellDyne, the real change involves its strategic vision. “We have just completed our largest and most successful new client implementation season and the entire company is laser-focused on taking great care of clients and members,” says Zach Johnson, President. “We have the people, precision and flexibility to help clients discover the difference between what they have been getting from their PBM and what they deserve,” he adds.

The new WellDyne website showcases the company’s vision for the future with a fresh look that reinforces the mission and core values guiding the path forward. We invite you to view the website and follow WellDyne on LinkedIn.

For more than 25 years, WellDyne has leveraged its deep clinical expertise to achieve better outcomes and reduce pharmacy trend. Knowing that medications are among the safest, easiest and lowest cost treatments to help people live their best lives – we believe a smarter approach to the delivery of PBM services unleashes the full power of medications to reduce future healthcare costs.