Trend Highlights

With an overall trend of -1.6% for 2020, WellDyne demonstrated our phenomenal success managing trend for the third consecutive year. At 0.1%, utilization is the main driver or trend, with unit cost at -1.7%. WellDyne clinical programs focus on the right drug at the best price. We engage with members and prescribers to ensure that all planned therapy escalations take into account a view of member adherence data and follow national standards of care. In 2020, 42% of pharmacy spend was concentrated in two therapeutic classes: 25% of spend was for inflammatory conditions and 17% for diabetes.


Inflamatory Conditions Trend

Patients not managed by the WellDyne specialty pharmacy experienced a significantly higher trend of 14.9%. Our member and physician engagement techniques drove a 11.5% lower trend for patients we manage.


Diabetes Trend

Patients not enrolled in our WellManaged Diabetes program had a significantly higher trend of 16.1%. Connected meters, coaching sessions with diabetes educators and member engagement drove a 12.1% lower trend for patients we manage.


Savings from Utilization Management

Increasing drug utilization continues to be the main cost driver of trend. Clinical programs such as prior authorization, generic management and quantity limits, all contribute to our strong trend results.

View the webinar, 2020 Drug Trend: Bold Steps to Standout Results

WellDyne clinical leaders Nick Page and Patty Taddei-Allen share insights into our ability to drive better patient care and plan results through solid clinical protocols, collaborative partnerships and forward-looking approaches.

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